It’s You


It’s You is an interactive storefront-window projection that explores the mechanisms of public behaviors and social interactions.

The installation is a rear projection on large storefront window. Human figures crowd around something that they obscure from the pedestrian’s view. When the pedestrian stands behind them, as if to look over their shoulders, they step aside to allow him a view onto what they’re looking at. The pedestrian can now see part of the unfolding scene, and he obscures the view for the other pedestrians; he’s become part of the crowd.

When the pedestrian enters the interaction area in front of the window, the projected figures turn their heads glancing at him.
If the pedestrian stops, they will move aside, parting enough to allow him a view onto what they’re looking at.

After the pedestrian has been in the interaction area for a period of time, the projected figures will turn their attention to him. The viewer becomes the performer. If he does something to entertain his viewers, the projected figures will react by clapping, applauding the performance and clarifying their role of audience.

Installation at CAM Raleigh for Born Digital:

Made using
openFrameworks (
Unity3d (
Blender3d (