Art As Service


Saturday, January 28th. 1-6pm.
I will be on the Art As Service panel at the CUE Art Foundation presented in conjunction with the group exhibition, The Visible Hand, curated by David Borgonjon. On view at CUE Art Foundation January 7 – February 15, 2017.

“This day-long symposium with three panels examines models for artists to participate in institutions outside of what’s traditionally understood as art. The models on the table draw on traditions as diverse as institutional critique, political organizing, social practice and management strategy. What if we treated art not as a good, but as a service?

We will pay special attention to the way that artists are increasingly finding positions for themselves inside institutions outside of art, and to the question of scalable impact for the imagination. In general, these panels propose that art can play a pivotal role in creating stronger institutions. What is the relationship between artistic practice and institution-building, and what are the traditions and case studies of artists as creators of durable social contexts that we can look to?”

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