BioFabbing at Cern


10-14 of May, 2017

Really happy to participate in BioFabbing Convergence, a meeting of diybio practitioners and academics.

“BioFabbing Convergence: Fabrications and Fabulations is an open event on the 10-14 of May, 2017, hosted by IdeaSquere at CERN, in Geneva, Switzerland, organized primarily by the University of Geneva, Citizen Cyberlab, Hackuarium, and the Hackteria Network, and supported by the Do-it-Together Science (DITOs) EU Project by Horizon 2020. BioFabbing aims to bring together enthusiasts, practitioners, and researchers on Biohacking and Do-it-Yourself Biology (DIYbio) in an effort to foster transformative discussions and learning experiences.

The BioFabbing Convergence will combine several event formats composed mainly by a Conference on Critical Studies of DIYbio and Biohacking and an Unconference by Global DIYbio and Bioart Networks, and completed by integrating partners for workshops, public events, and conversation dinners. Sessions in the programme include paper presentations, discussion panels, workshops and more.”