Machines Are Not Alone


I’m part of the exhibition Machines Are Not Alone at the Chronus Art Center in Shanghai, China. I have two projects in the show, one older – Picture Sky, and one brand new, developed with Jamie Allen.

Field Remediations: CARBON is a set of activities, field-visits, experiments, mediations, documentations, and publications on the topic of carbon and new technologies of machinic carbon remediation, capture, sequestration and storage. The goal is to align the science-fiction of carbon capture with the science-fact of its current research and implementations. Field Remediations: Carbon will collect objects and materials in the context of Shanghai that let us explore human and technological interactions with the carbon cycle, sampling the spectrum of the material practices, opportunities and challenges associated with development of negative emissions technologies. It will further produce media, documents and a manual “Closing the Carbon Cycle”.

Fieldwork conducted July 23-27 will produce materials for, extend and activate the Field Remediations: CARBON library installed at the Machines Are Not Alone exhibition at Chronus Art Center.

A public workshop on July 22nd will examine how the general public might understand and interact with the carbon cycle in more explicit and perceivable ways, through media, technologies and social practices.