New Realities, Peru


Presented in collaboration with Espacio Fundacion Telefonica in Lima, New Realities?is a touring project which aims to explore the relationship between technology, human behaviour and future identities, and how the ever­-changing nature of the Internet and use of new technologies are bringing about new avenues for creative expression. Through this journey of art, technology and digital creativity, Alpha­ville seeks to provide new perspectives on the reality we live, and anticipate the future we are all heading to.

New Realities ?illustrates a culture of continuous change and complex transformation in which the digital tools we once created are now acting as important agents of change. The exhibition includes the works of 12 contemporary artists and designers featured across three thematic areas. The construction, manipulation and broadcast of human identity in the virtual and physical realms is presented in the first area, the Expanded Human, through the works of Karolina Sobecka and artist­avatar LaTurbo Avedon who exists purely in the virtual world and whose practice is a subject of construction­/deconstruction of the self.




It's You Karolina SObecka_2 (1)

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