Excited for this iteration of presenting Cloud Services at Pareidolia curated by Dehlia Hannah.

From the exhibition announcement (here in full):

“Pareidolia is an art exhibition commissioned for the 4th European Conference for Science Journalists at ITUniversity,
Copenhagen, June 26-29th, 2017.
Addressing the conference themes of new media, climate reporting, and responsible science communication, Pareidolia is an invitation to see new faces in the clouds of rain and data that saturate our everyday lives. As we confront the urgent social need to better imagine and respond to climate change, artists and journalists have an important role to play in enabling emerging science and technology to transform our intuitive comprehension of our environment.

This exhibition showcases a provocative new artwork under development by Karolina Sobecka, Cloud Services, which proposes to use the atmosphere as an apparatus for data storage and transmission by encoding data into the genomes of bacteria that affect the weather.”

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